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There’s something funny going on here….

The middle of a chilly autumn night in the Pacific Northwest. Mike Woodsen, the head of public relations at a local university, is awakened by a phone call from the campus police. They’ve found a dead body on campus, just below a fourth floor window where many high-ranking leaders work. It turns out the body is that of a university vice president.

The police investigate and quickly decide the death was accidental. Woodsen isn’t convinced.  As a former reporter, he knows a little about investigating things that seem fishy. He begins asking questions, looking for clues to what really happened.

Other than becoming a part-time sleuth, Woodsen’s work life is pretty uneventful. He gets copied on emails from the marketing department explaining why using periods in phone numbers is “friendlier” than using dashes. He is invited to the launch of a university plan to convince the public that they are as good — or better than — Harvard. His office manager become embroiled in a high-level dispute over the contents of a refrigerator.

Oh,  someone tries to run him off the road on the way to his girlfriend’s.

Yeah, uneventful. That describes it.

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